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      Im a Cheater. I find mysef sayin ” f%# it” and eating what i want. Im a truck driver and im on the road alot. So healthy things arent always my choice. Its hard. And advice?

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      Faith McMahon
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      Hi Steven, No need to refer to yourself as a “cheater”. Being a truck driver has many challenges. When do you get on the road and when do you get home? Do you have space for a plug in cooler? Do you have access to a microwave at your stops?
      Here are some ideas for easy to take along foods- Packets of tuna/salmon- there are many flavors available now (as long as you like tuna). Could be cans of tuna, just have to keep your can opener with you and a fork. Hard cooked eggs? Pickled eggs? Cottage cheese? Frozen packaged meals – like Healthy Choice which are low in sodium. String cheese, Low sodium beef jerky (doesn’t need refrigeration) Canned chicken, raw vegetables. Canned fruit (the 1/2 cup packages packed in juice) Canned stew, canned chili. Shelf stable milk boxes. You could even find packaged foods for backpacking – dehydrated meals in a bag. Hoping these ideas lead to some of your own creative thoughts.

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