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You don’t have to live your life on high alert.  We’re here.  Don’t worry.  We provide the best tools, innovation, educators, and friends to keep you whole and well.

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The United States healthcare system is not equipped to handle the healthcare costs and medical complications associated with diabetes. Let’s work together to change the way we do healthcare.

If you’re a physician, payer, employer, or otherwise interested in reducing healthcare costs, decreasing diabetes
related complications and hospitalizations, or exploring Remote Physiological Monitoring contact us below.

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    Member Success Story - Brent

    This Member Success Story visits Brent. Brent is a technical support analyst who made a splash in the Glucose Guards community with his enthusiasm and good spirits. Since joining he’s proud to say his average blood sugars have plummeted from the mid 200s to a much better range. 

    Glucose Guards partners with Vytalize Health

    Glucose Guards partners with Vytalize Health, a leading provider of value-based healthcare, to improve the quality of care for people with diabetes and drive down diabetes related complications while reducing healthcare costs. 

    Member Success Brent

    Programs Experience Contact About Us Partners News Login Brent’s Success Story “It’s cool to see my [average blood sugar] slope… because sometimes the whole forest through the trees thing feels…

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