I wish that everyone could have a team, like the one that I have… that is what Marisa and Faith are to me.  I will take them in my heart, wherever I go. And remember everything that they have taught me, and that I can make it to 100 [years old]! 

Member Name/Alias: A.R.
Member Program: Premium
Starting A1c: 14%
A1c at time of interview: 6.6%

A.R. holds a very special place in our hearts at Glucose Guards. She joined the community and was fully committed to improving her health. She had the fire inside of her and we only needed to provide the guidance, direction, and support to fuel her successes. She regularly attends live webinars and coaching sessions while continuing to test her blood sugar regularly.

A.R. has a kind soul and a strong work ethic forged from years of hard work as a migrant farmer. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and went on to start her own company. 

If you’re like A.R. and want to improve your health, let us be your team. Let’s reach your goals, together. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Well, my background is I was a migrant farmworker. And then, I was a high school dropout. I got married at a very young age at the age of 17. I have three kids, 3 beautiful kids, they are all grown up already. Now, I have my own business; I clean, I clean houses. I have been married for 43 years to the same man. 

What was it like getting diagnosed with diabetes? What were some of the first challenges you faced? ​

Well, it was just like, for me, I was diabetic, and my first challenge was that [my Doctor] wanted to put me on insulin, immediately. And I said No, no, no, you gotta give me some time to rectify this, you know, “How can I fix this?So, I’m one that will go into something and get it done. 

My daughter was with me, which was a good thing. She said, “You know how this is because my mother will want to get rid of it in two, three months and it will be possible.” And [my Doctor] says, “Oh, no, no this is a lifetime thing. She goes too fast on [insulin], it could do more injury than better.So, I said, “Okay, then I gotta take that.” 

I felt like… well my mother had diabetes, and my husband’s mother had diabetes. I guess it’s just my turn now, you know, but I just felt like “I can beat this, I can beat this.” You know “I will do this.” I know I got a fight in front of me, and I’ll just continue doing what I can. Because I plan to live to 100, and I think I will, honestly. 

How long have you been a member of the Glucose Guards community? ​

It was back in 2020. I don’t I really know the month. 

Can you compare your health goals before and after joining Glucose Guards?​

I believe that I’ve met my goal because I have a better understanding because of my team, and my team is very important to me. I appreciate them so much because I can tell them anything and everything They understand, and they focus on myself and what I need. Last time I got my a1c I believe it was a 6.5. I want to bring it to a 6. And just right now, I feel like I can do this! When I go get tested, I’m going to get that because I feel that I’ve been doing really good. I feel more energetic. Since Christmas, I’ve gained about 5 pounds. Because of the work I do, sometimes I get home and I’m exhausted, right? I haven’t really exercised and although I have not exercised, I think I’m still doing pretty good. And right now I’m 60 years old and I get a lot of compliments like that I look like I’m 45 or 48, and I’m like, “God bless you!” 

What aspects of the Program do you find the most valuable?​

The team is the most important asset because they are there at any time. Even if it’s the middle of the night, I can text them. Somebody will call me the next day. I’ve never done that, but I feel that I can do that, you know? So, the 24/7 team that I have backing me up with whatever question. Like right now I lost my [lancing device]. And so immediately I call Marisa and she says, I’ll put one in the mail for you today. Do you have enough test strips? Lancets, do you need more? I say, “Yes, I do. I was just about to give you a call and let you know,but she’s ahead of the game. She knows when I’m going to start running out, and she right there. So, my biggest asset would be my team. Marisa and Faith, I could not say enough about them. 

What do you consider your biggest successes with Glucose Guards?​

I guess that my getting control of my glucose. I was just blindsided and I was just eating anything and everything. And I guess now I can still, but within moderation. The knowledge that I have, that [the coaches] have given me is something that I will always have. So, I guess that my biggest accomplishment is knowledge and understanding of what I have to deal with and how to deal with it.

What advice do you have for other members of the community?​

My advice to them would be portion control. You know, teach them what Faith has taught me—that yes, you can eat anything, but you don’t have to. I mean, you get a bag of potato chips, does that mean that you have to eat the whole bag? Now I’ll get a handful or what I used to do, before I spoke to Faith was, I would look at the label and it says you can eat 12 chips. I would eat 10 only and I would take my time eating them and savoring them at night – not just crunch them up and eat them and they’re gone. Savor the chip, especially enjoy it to where it’s like, Yeah, I can do this.”  

I don’t have a whole bag with these 10 or 15 chips. It’s more than enough. I can have a small scoop of ice cream. I can have, for instance sometimes I like to eat a snicker. And they have two little ones, too. So I’ll share one with my husband. And I’ll eat the other one. So I’m not buying a normal one, which would still be bigger than the ones I’m eating.  

What advice do you have for other people with diabetes who may be struggling with their health goals?​

I would definitely say either speak with a healthcare professional or anyone else that has similar knowledge about [diabetes] and do research on the disease itself and don’t just find out you have it. Try to find someone who you can trust, talk to, and get more information. Don’t just take what everyone has told you about it in the past and just think everything is doomed. Definitely speak with people and try to find similar people or people in similar positions. I think the community, even if it’s not this onethe community at large, like message boards, can really help and put things into perspective that there is a lot of life afterIt’s not the end all and it’s not the end of fun.   

Is there anything else you'd like to share or anything you'd like to see from Glucose Guards?

I wish that everyone could have a team, like the one that I have. That support, that knowledge and they’re right behind you, helping you every step of the way. And that is what Marisa and Faith are to me. I will take them in my heart, wherever I go. And remember everything that they have taught me, and that I can make to 100 [years old]! 

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Member Success Story A.R.

I wish that everyone could have a team, like the one that I have… that is what Marisa and Faith are to me. I will take them in my heart, wherever I go. And remember everything that they have taught me, and that I can make it to 100 [years old]!

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